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Kaiser-Frazer Corporation was the last new American auto maker to attain volume production of cars. Building over 700,000 vehicles between 1946 and 1955. These cars were manufactured and/or assembled mainly in Willow Run Michigan. Some however were assembled in outside assembly plants such as the one located in Vancouver, Washington in the early 50s at the Kaiser Shipyard Facility. The Kaiser-Frazer Owners Club represent owners of the Kaiser, Frazer, Henry J, Allstate, Darrin and Willys cars produced by the Company.

Website Descriptions and Links
KF EVENT HISTORY This Link provides access to KFOCI Regional Event History. The 2014 KFOCI National held in Puyallup Washington was our 112 Event. Our PNW Regional Historian is going through the boxes of our history, scanning photos and posting them. If there are other Regions wishing to do the same - do contact us and we will give you an Update sign on.
CAROLINA REGISTRY This website contains a Kaiser Carolina Registry. Kaiser made a handful of these stripped down full sized Kaisers. With most of the stainless not installed this simple model shows off the great lines of the Kaisers. If you have one check that it is in the registry and send in a photo, or get it registered.
PNWKFOCI This website contains information about the PNW Region of the Kaiser Frazer Owners Club. Loads of information and pictures from past and up and coming events.
KFLIT This website contains a list of over 1000 pieces of literature published by the Kaiser Frazer Corporation during the their 10 years of operations. This list has been sliced and diced into numerous lists by years, types, service and sales. Check out "The Source" were most of the Parts Manuals are being posted in detail.
KFADS This website contains a list of most of the magazine advertising done by the Kaiser Frazer Corporation during the their 10 years of operations. This list has been sliced and diced into numerous lists by years, models and magazines. All of these ads have been scanned and can be viewed.
HENRYJ This website is an attempt to document the process being followed of a Kaiser Henry J being restored. It must be stated that the restoration is going slowly as life is rightly getting in the way and a 53K Manhattan 2 Dr
KFCARS This website provides production volumes for each models, linkage to the KF Directory and photos of some of the models.
KFNut This website is a clone of Ben Walker's fantastic Kaiser-Frazer Literature site. The site has been preserved 99.9% as Ben designed it. Hope you enjoy that it has been preserved.
KFRESTORE This website is a work in progress. When completed it will allow authorized experts to add in Restoration Guidelines as they apply to specific Classes and Models of KF Cars.
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